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Liverpool Pest Control use unmarked vehicles for your discretion. Choose Liverpool Pest Control for professional discrete commercial and residential pest control, covering Liverpool and Merseyside. Our wasp nest treatment is fixed price £45.00, contact us on  0151 321 0255  for more info. Liverpool Pest Control use unmarked vehicles for your discretion.

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Bed Bugs infestation Liverpool Pest Control Bedbug Infestation

Bed Bugs Pest Control Liverpool & Merseyside

Bed Bugs Infestation:

We lead the way in bed bug detection and control, based upon our wealth experience gained dealing with many cases of bed bug infestations, and our unique approach in dealing with bed bugs.

We are experts in Bed Bugs detection, control and eradication!!!

BEDBUGS are probably the oldest insect pest associated with human misery. Although they have never been associated with transmitting disease to humans, their dependent parasitism of man has been a scourge since history began.

Bed bug adults are reddish-brown, oval, flattened insects from 4 to 5 mm long and 1.5 to 3 mm wide before feeding. Engorged adult bedbugs tend to be swollen and dull red. Bedbug eggs are white, oval, about 1 mm long and covered in a sticky film which allows them to adhere to surfaces. A newly hatched bed bug nymph is almost colourless whereas engorged bed bug nymphs are reddish and swollen.

Although humans are the preferred host, a bedbug feed on many warm-blooded animals, such as family pets, and emerge at night to feed. They inject saliva as they feed and allergic reaction to this substance often causes slightly delayed swelling, itching and burning. Bedbugs may take up to ten minutes to feed.

In recent years bedbugs have returned with a vengeance in Liverpool, Merseyside and Sutton Coldfield. In recent years infestations have become major problems in Apartments, family homes, hotels, nursing homes and hospitals and each infestations have specific requirements. As an example, almost all hotels use a headboard fastened to the wall above the bed. This practice creates a void behind the headboard that may become heavily infested.

Bedbugs will infest bed frames, mattresses, skirting boards, door frames, behind electrical wall sockets, behind wall posters, between books and magazines on shelves and in racks.

TREATMENT & CONTROL for bed bugs in Liverpool, Liverpool and the Merseyside.

Liverpool Pest Control can arrange to treat your bed bug problem and offer a 24 hour 7 days week service.

A thorough inspection of infested premises will ascertain the extent of the infestation, since the measures necessary for control will depend on whether the infestation is established and widely distributed throughout the premises, or recently introduced and likely to be more localised.

To eradicate the bed bug infestation it will be necessary to treat the premises thoroughly with suitable insecticides, including the beds, other furniture and harbourages of infested rooms. A professional pest control organisation such as Liverpool Pest Control who will treat your bedbug problem in a professional manner. Liverpool Pest Control cover Liverpool, Liverpool and the Merseyside for bed bug treatment. The detection and thorough treatment of all bed bug hiding places is a job which requires experience in order to completely eradicate the infestation and prevent recurrence.

Liverpool Pest Controls offers a same day pest control service to all our customers, starting at £45.00. We also provide a contract pest control service to our business operators and commercial clients.

At Liverpool Pest Control, we pride our selves on our complete discretion on all our pest control jobs. Therefore all our vehicles are unmarked, unlike major organisations.

At Liverpool Pest Control we offer complete discretion on our service
Contact us on: 0151 321 0255 or for information on our pest control service.


Liverpool Pest Control Wasp nest treatment or removal, fixed price £45.00 covering Liverpool and Merseyside. Contact us on  0151 321 0255  for more info