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Liverpool Pest Control use unmarked vehicles for your discretion. Choose Liverpool Pest Control for professional discrete commercial and residential pest control, covering Liverpool and Merseyside. Our wasp nest treatment is fixed price £45.00, contact us on  0151 321 0255  for more info. Liverpool Pest Control use unmarked vehicles for your discretion.

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Carpet Beetle infestation Liverpool Pest Control Carpet Beetles

Carpet Beetles Pest Control Liverpool & Merseyside

Beetles or Carpet Beetle Infestation:

There are several thousand different species of beetle that can be found across the United Kingdom, however the most common is the Carpet Beetle. Carpet beetles, which belong to the family of beetles known as dermestids, are pests in commercial and residential premises, and other locations where suitable food can be found.

Larval forms of the carpet beetle can cause considerable damage to keratin-containing products such as wool, fur, leather, silk and dried animals remains. Occasionally, food products of plant origin, such as cereals and fibres, will also be attacked.

Damage takes the form of clean, irregular holes and in textiles these generally occur around seams. There is no webbing or excrement present and by the time the carpet beetle larvae are observed, considerable damage has often been done. Because of the large number of larval moults, when cast larval skins are seen they tend to exaggerate the extent of the infestations.

Carpet beetles are a limited significance as a health hazard, although they are potential vectors of anthrax. In certain situations the larval hairs cause skin irritation to those exposed to large numbers of the insects.

The wandering habits of carpet beetles mean that they frequently infest wide areas, thus it is important to trace the source of infestation. Infested nests and animal remains should be removed and burnt if possible.

Beetles come in many different sizes, colours and shapes and live in a wide variety environment and conditions. If you are experiencing carpet beetle infestaion, contact Liverpool Pest Controls to eradicate the pest problem.

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At Liverpool Pest Control we offer complete discretion on our service
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Liverpool Pest Control Wasp nest treatment or removal, fixed price £45.00 covering Liverpool and Merseyside. Contact us on  0151 321 0255  for more info