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Liverpool Pest Control use unmarked vehicles for your discretion. Choose Liverpool Pest Control for professional discrete commercial and residential pest control, covering Liverpool and Merseyside. Our wasp nest treatment is fixed price £45.00, contact us on  0151 321 0255  for more info. Liverpool Pest Control use unmarked vehicles for your discretion.

Contact: Liverpool Pest Control on 0151 321 0255 or email: liverpoolwasp@gmail.com for more info.

Insect Pest Control Liverpool, Merseyside

Pest Control for Insects in Liverpool & Merseyside

Insect Pest Infestation:

Insect pests including ants, bees, earwings, wasps and flying inscets such as ladybirds and common flies, can all be quickly and safely controlled.


A female Ladybirds can lay over over 1000 egg, they can be found in great numbers especially when looking to hibernate within domestic properties.Harlequin Ladybirds usually find their way into houses via doors/windows or cracks & crevices around the exterior of the building. They are attracted to lighter colours such as white, grey or yellow but may also be attracted by warmer temperatures or lighting. They will normally leave of their own accord however certain measures can be taken to control them.


Latin Name: Order Dermaptera


There is a superstition that earwigs burrow into the ears of people while they sleep. This is a myth and without any scientific basis. Earwigs frighten many people because of the pincers on the back of their abdomens. Earwigs use these pincers for defense and for sparring with rival earwigs.There are more than 20 species of earwigs in the United States. Depending on the species, adults range in size from 5 to 25 mm. They are slender insects with two pair of wings. Some species produce a foul-smelling liquid that they use for defense. Earwigs also produce a pheromone (scent). Scientists believe that this pheromone is the reason that earwigs cluster together in large numbers. Immature earwigs (nymphs) resemble the adults except they do not have wings.


Liverpool Pest Controls use an extensive range of products specifically formulated for the control of flying and crawling insect pests.

Liverpool Pest Controls offers a same day pest control service to all our customers, starting at £45.00. We also provide a contract pest control service to our business operators and commercial clients.

At Liverpool Pest Control, we pride our selves on our complete discretion on all our pest control jobs. Therefore all our vehicles are unmarked, unlike major organisations.

At Liverpool Pest Control we offer complete discretion on our service
Contact us on: 0151 321 0255 or for information on our pest control service.


Liverpool Pest Control Wasp nest treatment or removal, fixed price £45.00 covering Liverpool and Merseyside. Contact us on  0151 321 0255  for more info